So yesterday at work (amusement park) there was a mentally challenged man there who rode the swings ride, no exaggeration from 11:30am until 8:30pm, each time he rode the ride he was as happy as the last, grinning from ear to ear, loving every second of it and some people laughed and made fun if…

It’s Interesting…

I literally just saw my ex for the first time in weeks…it was just in passing, I needed something in my car and I went outside in sweatpants, sandals, and a tshirt, so i looked pretty shitty, and she was on her way to a meeting, I was almost shocked, I said “hey where are you headed?” and she said “a meeting” and she seemed really happy and she looked gorgeous. But after that exchange…I usually get really upset, and I was kind of happy to see her, see how shes doing…see how her life is going…I know it was literally a 5 second interaction but I guess i wanted to see her, just to make sure shes ok..and shes happy, …thats all that matters to me. I know im still hung up on her but not nearly as much as I was. I have so many mixed feelings about this situation…I just dont know…maybe one day ill be as happy as I once was. Im working towards it, I deserve it, and that’s a step in the right direction for me. 

Much love everyone. stay strong.


Steal his look - Running Emoji Guy

 red polo - $340.00

  levi’s - $120.00

  nike roshe run - $79.99

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"I’m in repair, I’m not together but I’m getting there."

Evan Peters + AHS

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"your taste in music kinda sucks"


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